Traxion 3-100-FFP Foldable Topside Creeper

A Unique Product for Auto Repairers/Makers

Working with the best tools as an auto maker or repairer can save you a lot of wasted effort and energy. Having a job as an auto-mechanic can take a lot of time, because of the intricate motor parts you need to deal with, whenever a vehicle calls for an immediate repair. So, for auto repairers that do want to find joy in their profession, a Topside Creeper is the right product to get at this crucial hour. This product comes in various brands and some of them are Traxion 3-100-FFP Foldable Topside Creeper, Pro-lift C-9100 Black 40. Foldable Topside and so many others.

Interestingly, many top auto repairers can testify to the fact that this product can last long, after an extensive use. The reason is that this product consist of a heavy-gauge steel together with a powder coat finishing, which prevents it from scratching easily. Apart from the strong element that this product is composed of, auto repairers can testify to the fact that this product can be trusted whenever a mechanic has to lean over it in order to work on engines for long hours.

Also, it is imperative to point out some of the features of this product, especially for those that are yet to purchase it:

  • It has two locking casters, which can help users lock and maintain a favorable position.
  • This product comes with a padded deck, which facilitates comfort for users.
  • There is room for adjusting its height, in order to help deal with all sorts of different car brands.
  • Apart from these features that are highlighted above, here are some of the pros and cons as listed below.Pros:
  • You don’t have to climb tires to work on the engine of a vehicle.
  • It prevents you from sustaining a back injury.
  • It can hold up any human weigh without wobbling.


  • The design pattern is far below expectation.
  • It does not fold up easily after use.
  • You cannot escape a creaking or a squeaking sound while using this product.


A lot of auto-mechanics can attest to the fact that this product is worth its price. Apart from the comfort that it affords its users, Best Topside Creeper can save you from sustaining long term injuries to your spine. The reason is that auto engineers need to spend more hours banding or maintaining nerve cracking positions in order to work on automobiles.