JEGS Performance Products 90098

JEGS performance roof cargo carrier is a product from JEGS. It provides a more easy way to help you carry your luggage as you travel using your car. If you discover you cannot get a sufficient space in your car every time you travel with your friends and family members just because your stuff has occupied the entire space in your car, than you will find a good reason to purchase this best roof cargo box. Its engineering design will allow you to operate it easily without any problem.


1. Aerodynamic design

JEGS performance roof cargo box is manufactured using the aerodynamic design. This is very important when it comes to the effect of wind on the moving objects. Your car stands a high chance of being dragged by wind if you happen to purchase a cargo box without an aerodynamic design. But with this kind of rooftop cargo box, be assured that the noise interference will be minimized since the design ensures that there is a swift flow of air as you travel.

2. Has a volume of 18 cubic feet

This cargo box may seem small for your luggage but the truth behind it is that it has a carrying capacity of 18 cubic feet. This space is very significant if you are planning to travel in your car since it will create more space in your car since you will just mount it on top of your car. Hence you can always travel without any worries.

3. Durable material

This rooftop cargo carrier is made with a high-density polyethylene material. This material is strong and durable enough to serve for a long period of time. It also ensures that the content of your cargo box is not destroyed by the changing weather condition. With the extra added feature of Ultra-Violent inhibitor, all your property are free from the high ultra-violet rays.

4. Comes with a mounting hardware

This is a kind of rooftop cargo carrier which you need not worry about how you will be able to mount it on your car. It’s very simple with a weight of 28lbs and the mounting hardware, you will be able to mount and unmount it at any time you ever want to use it This will help you save on money that you may pay someone to install it on your behalf. Save more with JEGS performance rooftop cargo carrier.

5. It has a designed with secure lock system

Thinking about the security of your luggage may make you lose concentration as you drive your car. This may cause you an accident. But you need to worry no more because JEGS Performance Products 90098 is the best choice when it comes to security issues, its modeled with secure locks having two keys so that you can always access your property at any time you wish.

6. Limited lifetime warranty

For assurance purpose of this product, it has a limited lifetime warranty. this makes it very useful in case you discover it is shipped to you when it has some limitation, you can always contact the provider so that necessary arrangement be made on the replacement or repair of the ruined box.


  • It has a lifetime warranty.
  • Can be mounted on any vehicle.
  • It has a wide storage space of 18 cubic feet capacity.
  • Improves the security of your cargo.
  • Its material makes it more durable rooftop cargo carrier.
  • With a weight of 28lbs makes it easily manageable.

Customer reviews and scores

JEGS Performance Products 90098 is a good rooftop cargo carrier, it has been reviewed by 80 customers on Amazon giving it an overall rating of 43 stars out of 5 stars. This is a perfect rating for a product of such kind because 70% of the total customers who have rated this rooftop cargo carrier rated it with 5 stars.


Despite the engineering design of this rooftop cargo box, some customers pinpointed that at grate traveling speed, it made a lot of noise, even though this may be a problem, but it isn’t that match when you are moving at a normal speed. As much as this box is said to be secured, its security may be compromised if you happen to lose your key so it’s always important to take great care of your key.


I believe that with the review of this product and its significant features which make it stand out as the best choice of your expected rooftop cargo carrier for your car.