Thule 612 Hyper XL Cargo Box -BL1

  Thule 612 Hyper XL Cargo Box is designed in an eccentric way that it reduces the effect of drag and noise because of its aerodynamic nature (a property that controls and reduces the effect of drag that is caused by air when the object and air are interacted). This hardware is absolute to use as outdoor equipment. The base of this gadget increases the durability and only five minutes are required to install dual opening for the sides. Hyper box gives elegant space with superlative quality and also gives 100% security. Ultra-thick lid of this Thule cargo box is best for those professionals and families who want safe transportation of products using stylish vehicles. Product portfolio involves rooftop boxes, bike carriers and roof-rails.


  • PrivilegeAero-Nose Design As described in the introduction of the product that this is designed in such a way that it reduces the effect of drag and noise when interacted with air.
  • Easy to mount the product mounted is made secured using mounting clicks that ensures the safety of the product inside the box and this feature of this product marks cargo box as best cargo box 3.0 Integrated light Integrated light is the best feature of product as it makes loading and unloading possible at night.

Pros Of product

  • All the features are made user friendly enough that no additional guidance is required to use the product.
  • Expanded and rear-angled base mounting points are designed in such a way that they maximize hatch clearance.
  • Lid base is made ultra-thick that provides maximum durability.
  • Thule 612 Hyper XL Cargo Box has a load capacity of 110 lb.
  • Loading and unloading is possible at night time because of integrated light.

Customer reviews and score

All the products in market are designed for the customers because they use them so it’s very important to keep a check and balance of user reviews in order to maintain the quality of product to be delivered and customer satisfaction matters a lot. Let’s have a look on customer reviews and discuss average score of  Thule 612 Hyper XL Cargo Box.
Total customer reviews calculated comes out to be 23 in number, from which 22 reviews are positive in nature (which indicates exemplary nature of product) including cargo box reviews and only 1 review is little bit negative in nature. From reviews it’s clear that product is just perfect. Overall ratings of product is 4.5 stars out of 5 stars, which is excellent. If we look at the reviews and judge each customer review on the basis of stars clear conclusion comes out showing 16 reviews carry 5 stars rating (full rating), 6 customer reviews carry 4 stars rating (out of 5), there is no customer review that show a rating of 3 stars and only 1 customer reviews carry 2 stars rating and again there is no customer review for 1 star rating. The purpose of showing these customer reviews and their ratings is just to ensure you that how any people have used this product and how much satisfaction they show about it and after analyzing above figures we can conclude that customer satisfaction for this product is excellent only some things are to be modified as nothing is just perfect.

Cons of the product

If we observe customer reviews in detail some facts showing, what are the shortcomings in the product? Here in our case, there is only one customer review which is critical, so let’s have a look on it.

Firstly customer clarifies the punctual delivery of product which is a good point. Secondly he clarifies that paint of grey x (part) is missing and blames that the product is not genuine. It’s possible due to a scratch during the shipment of product because it happens.


After detailed discussion we’re now able to make a conclusion about the product. All the features related to product, Thule 612 Hyper XL Cargo Box, have been described but still there are additional features including, product dimensions (57.37.18 inches) and shipping weight (67.8 pounds only), that makes the product distinct in nature and mark it just perfect.

Warranty Package

Best thing about Thule 612 Hyper XL Cargo Box is, it has cleared all the quality tests and material used in manufacturing the product is guaranteed. Still, the product warranty gives you legal rights but they differ based on country.