Thule 615 Pulse Rack-bl1

Thule 615 pulse rack is a one side access cargo box that can be easily secured on top of a car, a van or even a truck the Thule 615 pulse rack is constructed with large 16 cubic foot inbuilt capacity. It also comes with only one opening on the passengers’ side fitted with a key and lock system for security.


  • Accessible from the passenger side To avoid having to walk around the car when loading or unloading your cargo, the box is made such that it opens on the passenger thus easier to access. This is made possible by the cargo box two hinge design fitted only at the back and front with the lock system fixed at edges in order to keep the lid closed when you are done with your cargo box.
  • Key and Lock The rooftop cargo box also comes with a secure key and lock for safety purposes. The lock system ensures that the box remains closed after use Low sleek design with an elegant rough ABC plastic construction its low streamlined design allows easy room clearance for garage and parking fitting and at the same time allowing free flow of air thus noise reduction. The Thule plus roof box is covered with an elegant thermoplastic layer that help protect its contents when in transit with a long term durability.
  • Comes in various sizes The cargo box comes in three different sizes with the 16 cubic feet being the main on. There are other two standardized versions of the box the alpine and large(13-14 cubic feet). This provides the consumers with a platform to choose the size that befits their needs. The cargo box is compatible with almost all Thule and factory rack system.


Its sleek aerobic design allows the customer to leave the box mounted all year without worrying on any extra costs on fuel consumption. Its low design provides garage room clearance and at the same time providing an easy fix and the best cargo box option to those customers who don’t want to keep on taking off the cargo boxComes with a lock and key functioning system that keeps the lid closed after use. Its door opens from the passenger side making it easier loading and unloading The Thule 615 pulse rack fixing blends fashionably with any car given the Easy-Grip knobs fitted on the floor of the box. The easy mounting of the grip makes the installation process very easy and fast.

Customer reviews

The cargo box for sale in amazon has 127 customer reviews with a 4 star average rating from the customers who have already used purchased and used it. From the cargo box review, customers have complained of the key breaking easily inside the lock and also one has to make sure it fits perfectly on the vehicle in order to avoid screeching noise or even fitting problem. This only happens in very few cases since its design is meant to perfectly serve the consumer in a cost effective way as well as maintaining his or her style.


The Thule 615 L cargo box is the best affordable choice for any consumer provided it allows for ample space without having to break the bank. Its sleek classy finish and blending with any car makes the cargo more enticing in both serving its purpose and the same time stylish. Its adhesive durable coating allows it to endure hash weather condition over a long range of time in transit.

Limited Lifetime Warranty All Thule brand car racks as well as all products manufactured by Thule are all warrantied but under the condition that the product is in the possession of the original retailer. This warranty immediately cancels when the ownership is transferred to another person. The warranty does not cover all damages such as damages resulting from trying to modify the box, accidents, an authorized repairs to the box or most commonly the day to day wear and tear and cosmetics.