Thule Force Cargo Box, Black


Are you searching for a cargo box for sale? Well, there are so many brands of cargo box out there but it may also be very hectic for you to identify the best one. However, Thule Company has proved to be the best manufacture of car accessories and you can always rely on their Thule Force Cargo Box. This best rooftop cargo box is designed to meet the need of the consumers and you will never find any problems when you have it.

FeaturesThule Force Cargo Box, Black

• Dual-Side OpeningThule Force Cargo Box, Black

Thule have improved the quality of these best rooftop cargo box which has made many people prefer these cargo boxes when they having long-distance travel. The biz has a dual side opening and can be easily accessed both from the driver’s side and the passenger’s side. This can be very useful when you want to organize your items in the cargo box for you will always reach all the content without having to affect the arrangement of others.

• Diamond-textured AeroSkin shellThule Force Cargo Box, Black

Talking about durability and efficiency, Thule has scored all the marks. Its shell is made up of 5 layers of ABC plastic material that is very strong and durable. The lid can protect your luggage in times when you are traveling during rainy seasons. If you also have items that can be destroyed by UV rays, than you will not have to be worried because the Diamond-textured lid can protect these rays. It also absorbs the impact of force and ensures your property is safe in the case of accidents.


• Quick-Grip Mounting mechanismThule Force Cargo Box, Black

One of the main reason why Thule cargo boxes are becoming popular in the market today is because of their inventions. You cannot spend the whole day struggling to mount or unmount the cargo box. Thanks to Thule Company for having to include a quick-grip mounting mechanism. These features enable you to set your cargo in less than 5 minutes by simply using the knobs. There is no experience needed, all you can do is to read the instructions that came with the manual.

• Extreme Rack Compatibility

For the sake of compatibility and diversity of the usage of this best rooftop cargo box, you will realize that it can be compatible with all the rack system. So if you may be worried whether it can be installed on your car or not, than worry less. Thule cargo box can be fixed on all the car models out there because of its size and compatibility with the rack systems out there.

• Oversized SecureLockThule Force Cargo Box, Black

You do not have the ability to predict what may happen in the next few minutes. Sometimes we make mistakes that we could have avoided if we were keen enough. Have you ever imagined situations where you keep your luggage on the cargo box and than they fall while you are driving? Well, don’t even think about it when you have this best cargo box. The large SecureLock ensures the lid closes perfectly to prevent damages.


  • Made of durable material.
  • Can be mounted in less than 5 minutes.
  • Sleek aerodynamic designed with reduced noise.
  • Combatively with all the rack systems.
  • Offers dual side opening.

Customer reviews and scoresThule Force Cargo Box, Black

According to Amazon rooftop cargo box reviews, Thule Force Cargo Box appears to be the best cargo box in their list. It has been rated with 413 customers leaving it with an overall rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars. This a clear sign of a very efficient cargo box to think of when buying a new one.


Customers complain that the cargo box is quite expensive and may not be afforded with those who have tight budgets. The secure lock system may fail and expose your luggage to danger, this is why you need to ensure it clocks perfectly before you start driving.

ConclusionThule Force Cargo Box, Black

Hopefully, this review has helped you to understand the basic features you should expect from any Thule Force Cargo Box you see in the market, you can use the guidelines to make your own decision whether to buy it or not.