Yakima SkyBox 21-1

Are you looking for the best quality cargo storage box? Then, this is a perfect match. Welcome to my Yakima SkyBox 2018 review. This is a perfect 21 cubic feet car rooftop box with ample space, enough for about five campers. The cargo box is best for camping, sporting and other stuff you would like to transport. It has a dimpled carbonite texture which is smooth, clean and has an anti-scratch finish. This gives your vehicle an appearance that goes with any car color. Its body is manufactured from about 80% recycled material and it is black in color. It is known for its durability and yet light in weight. It ensures less additional weight on your vehicle.

Yakima SkyBox 21-1

Main Features

Yakima SkyBox 21-1

This rooftop cargo box has a lot of great features the user can benefit from. The box has a sleek and
aerodynamic design that reduces wind resistance, this ensures no drag as well as noise while the vehicle is in motion. One can open the cargo box easily when standing on any side of the car. For safety purposes, the best cargo box has a super latch system which ensures the lid closes and locks nicely. The key remains in the lock until the lid is properly locked. It close tightly to ensure there is no dust or moisture getting into the box. Inside the rooftop cargo box, there are adjustable clamps and a flat bottom which allows simple and quick arrangement of your gears.

Customer Reviews

We have received lots of very positive reviews from this rooftop cargo box users. By following the easily understood manual, they have found it easy to install and also taking little time to unpack. They have strongly recommended the cargo box to anyone looking for storage space for their car. There is also a video on the Yakima website that has directions on how to install the Rooftop cargo box on your vehicle.


There is a lot to enjoy with the Yakima SkyBox 21. The pros include; one, the box is durable and you can use it for years before thinking of replacing it. Two has a large storage space, you can store up to four storage gears. Three has an SKS lock system to ensure your cargo is secure. Four, quick and easy installation. It has the necessary tools as well as rails making it easy to install on your vehicle’s rooftop. Five has a secure latch that secures the lid to its base as well as protecting the entire gear. Finally, it is conveniently such that you can open it from any side of the vehicle.

Yakima SkyBox 21-1


The cargo box is not suitable for sedans.


Yakima SkyBox 21-1

Yakima SkyBox is one of a kind. The cargo box ha admirable features such as; the elegant design, durability, ample space, secure SKS lock system, quick and easy installation as well as a secure latch. This cargo box comes with a lifetime warranty that is valid as long as you use it. It is now available on amazon.com, Click below and buy yours today.

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