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Sometimes a guys best wingman… is a wingwoman.

Movie: Just Go with It

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Genre: Comedy, Romance
Length: 117


On a weekend trip to Hawaii, a plastic surgeon convinces his loyal assistant to pose as his soon to be divorced wife in order to cover up a careless lie he told to his much younger girlfriend.

Watch Just Go with It Online Free Streaming


If you are looking for a highly intellectual movie, forget it. This is a simple movie with a simple story line and simple jokes. However, if you like to go to the movies just to break the routine, to have some laughs, and to change your mind, this is an excellent movie. Most highly critical people looking for perfection will give this movie a bad review, no doubt. People who gave an 8 to True Grit will not appreciate this movie.

Acting is excellent. Jennifer Aniston is perfect in that role; this is her best performance in a movie so far, except maybe for Marley and Me. Adam Sandler is much more natural than usual. He does not have to deliver all of the stupid jokes, and has a to act his role during most of the movie. I would say this is an equivalent performance as in 50 First Dates, or even better. He is very funny, but also compassionate and lovable. Nick Swardson is the clown of the movie, which allows Sandler to act more and leave some of the funny stuff to others. Swardson made me and my whole family laugh out loud during many parts of the movie. In fact, it had been a long time since I heard my two teenagers laugh so much and so loudly during a movie.

The two kids are really good supporting actors. They bring a lot to the movie. They make the situation more complicated a few times in unexpected ways. Bailee Madison is very impressive. We will see her again and often

The normal cast of Happy Madisson movies are all there for their usual 2 minutes and all bring their own laugh. One of them made me swallow water in my lungs! He is good! I will let you guess which one.

All and all, we left very satisfied and happy we had this family night, even the teenagers. No frustration like we had in True Grit and no disappointment like we had in Sanctum. This was better than expected and worth its money. Just sit down and Go with it!

Watch Just Go with It Full Length Movie Online Free

watch Just Go with It online free streaming

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Watch Just Go with It Online for Free

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  1. bhwp says:

    My guess is you are going to absolutely enjoy the motion picture at first, but after few minutes it’ll be too monotonous for you to watch the entire motion picture. I have to acknowledge, I thought this video would be wonderful but I came away let down. The movie director’s taste should implement on all videos when rating a motion picture.

  2. bhwp says:

    For some reason, I couldn’t connect with this film. You are able to watch it totally free on this great site so I can not complain. In my opinion, there are numerous other movies which are worth watching. This just happens not to be one particular of them.

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