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Friendship has its benefits.

Movie: No Strings Attached

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Genre: Comedy, Romance
Length: 110


A guy and girl try to keep their relationship strictly physical, but it is not long before they learn that they want something more.

Watch No Strings Attached Online Free Streaming


As with most romantic comedies they are typically funny and predictable and most teach that love, and life is complex and unexpected. No Strings Attached stays true to its title it shows love and life is complex and its made enjoyable by plenty of eye candy scenes of hot steamy sex between the two lead characters! Can just sex lead to love the film leaves you the viewer hoping and maybe guessing still the films main theme of sex shows that romance of the physical kind is to be enjoyed.

Directed by Ivan Reitman this film shows that a romantic commitment is tough to obtain, but the naughty sex is very fun baiting and enjoyable. It involves Emma who after leaving Michigan for the lands of sunny California to do her medical interns as a doctor meets a boy named Adam she knew him in college and now hes a young hotshot who wants to be a sitcom director and producer. And right away the two agree to have a relationship of bed adventures and just good old fashioned sex.

And this film has plenty of enjoyable eye candy scenes of bed hopping as with each encounter the sex with Emma and Adam becomes more and more steamy and hot. Nice were seeing scenes of Natalie in those sexy light flowered blue and purple colored bras! Anyway as many may know and have experienced sex may lead to love as especially Adam feels emotional attachment, as little lady Emma feels she is to much of a traditional girl to go without a string, so the passions cool off.

Only after both want love especially more so Emma the films supporting female characters shine more as love proves it finds people unexpectedly and at the least expected times. As Emmas female friends find love. Well what about her and Adam as the film proves and shows starting over is okay as even after all of the hot sex a chance of love still is possible even though it will be complex. Overall pretty good comedy its a real treat of eye candy as its theme of sex and bed hopping will have most viewers enjoying and seeing Natalie Portman was a real treat. Its title rings true more and more relationships are for only sex joy with no strings attached as love is only a complex hope

Watch No Strings Attached Full Length Movie Online Free

watch No Strings Attached online free streaming

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Watch No Strings Attached Online for Free

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  1. bhwp says:

    I do not know what other individuals saw in this movie mainly because I certain do not see it. I thought the motion picture was poorly created and I didn\t care for it in any way. I thought the acting sucked and also the plot was boring. General I\ve to say that I do not suggest you watch No Strings Attached.

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