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The truth hurts.

Movie: The Dilemma

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Genre: Comedy, Drama
Length: 111


A man discovers that his best friends wife is having an affair.

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Ron Howard has been successful in entertaining me and making good movies, and you can add The Dilemma to a list that also includes Frost Nixon, A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13, Cinderella Man, and Parenthood. He does another great job on directing this bromance comedy, making this his best comedy since Parenthood.

The story is a brilliant one that I like. It shows how one friend is going through the trouble of whether or not to tell his best friend that his wife has been cheating on him. The story continues to stay funny thanks to the witty script by Allan Loeb and Howards directing.

Howard has put together an excellent cast led by Vince Vaughn. Vaughn stars as Ronny Valentine, who runs a car business with his best friend, Nick. Vaughn does sometimes do his usual kind of acting like he has pulled off in Wedding Crashers and Dodgeball, but he makes that work to his advantage. Vaughn gives a hilarious performance where he makes you compassionate in what he is going through.

James is great as Nick, and shows that he still as talent as a comedy actor. James makes you feel bad for him even though he doesnt know what is really going on with Ronny

Jennifer Connelly and Winona Ryder are both also great as they are Vaughns and James female counterparts. Connelly shows how sweet she makes Beth when she shows her love and concern for Ronny. Connelly makes Beth out to be a very affectionate and loving girlfriend. Ryder gives a hilarious turn as Geneva, Nicks wife. What I like best about Ryders performance is that she makes Geneva out to be the bad one and is hilarious at threatening Ronny.

Overall, this is a fun comedy that continues to be funny as Ronny keeps getting himself into bigger and bigger trouble. What I liked best about The Dilemma is how Ron Howard is able to keep interest in his storytelling and to keep it funny. Howard shows that he is one of the best directors out there and can do any kind of movie.

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Watch The Dilemma Online for Free

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  1. bhwp says:

    The reason I frequent this movie site is due to the fact when I at last came across a movie being reviewed that understood the real greatness of The Dilemma. This movie and just how the scenes were being positioned together was powerful. I do believe that this movie is not treasured is due to the fact many people have not watched it a couple of times.

  2. bhwp says:

    Although the storyline for The Dilemma was definitely predictable I found certain aspects of the movie really refreshing. It\s a single of those films that just feels good but there\s not a total great deal to it. Well this really is 1 of those movies. Not beneficial, not poor, just type of there.

  3. bhwp says:

    After reading the opinions I am interested in watching this motion picture. Thanks for all the comments it truly helped me to decide if I wanted to enjoy it or not. I guess since you’ll be able to enjoy it on the internet for cost-free and streaming makes it just that very much greater. Thanks for the webmaster for creating this great site.

  4. bhwp says:

    I spend a great deal of time at house and one particular on the things I really like to perform is watch motion pictures on the web. Needless to express I have seen pretty several motion pictures and The Dilemma is one particular from the far better ones. It is not ideal but I did get pleasure from it. A great deal of sites and motion picture critics did not rate it that nicely but I completely loved the movie.

  5. bhwp says:

    Now, the script wasnt poorly created, or the action scenes badly taken in The Dilemma. It\s just that there genuinely wasn\t much of a story, and certainly no theme whatsoever. As such, there was practically nothing for the audience to connect with.

  6. bhwp says:

    I was truly was excited about seeing The Dilemma for months before it coming out. When it was released, all I got have been genuinely poor reviews from buddies so I ended up not watching it. I obtained to finally watch it off a friend’s laptop lately and was very dissatisfied. The film is slow to construct, and in no way at any point does the film do a passable work of interesting the viewer. A wonderful deal of talent and, I fully grasp, funds went into this motion picture. It\s a shame it didnt lead to a better photo.

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