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Movie: The Eagle

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Genre: Adventure, Drama
Length: 114


In Roman ruled Britain, a young Roman soldier endeavors to honor his fathers memory by finding his lost legions golden emblem.

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I thoroughly enjoyed Rosemary Sutcliffs adventure novel and I felt this movie was true to the book, with a few changes that actually made the story better.

First off, Sutcliff wrote a book for teen readers and the movie was done in such a way that I felt comfortable bringing my teenage son to see it. There was violence, owing to the times, but not graphic like most movies these days. In fact, people were killed or executed with most of the gory parts off screen or to the side so you didnt see the actual act. There was no sex or nudity, which for me is a nice change when I want to see a feature film for the story and not have these scenes thrown in for that type of audience.

The story is an intelligent historical adventure bringing the viewer into an unknown world in Northern Scotland. It depicts accurately the relation between the conquering Romans and their subjugated Brittons and Celts. We see Roman period soldiers accurately represented and native Picts as they may have been, without many historical records to verify their way of life.

The movie is also about a friendship that builds between two men from opposite sides of the conflict and the bonds that build despite their differences in culture. There are lots of battles, beautiful scenery, and excitement.

The movie follows Sutcliffs hunt for the 9th Legion Eagle, lost beyond Hadrians Wall in the the mysterious land of the Picts, ruthless tribes of barbarians in present day Scotland. Despite some recent evidence that the 9th Legion was never destroyed in Scotland, the story is captivating and despite being fiction has a real authentic feel .<

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  1. bhwp says:

    Even though the storyline for The Eagle was predictable I found specific factors on the movie really refreshing. It is a single of those movies that just feels great but there\s not a total good deal to it. Well this really is 1 of those movies. Not very good, not bad, just type of there.

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