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Movie: The Resident

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Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Length: 105


When a young doctor suspects she may not be alone in her new Brooklyn loft, she learns that her landlord has formed a frightening obsession with her.

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Hillary is a young doctor seeking an apartment. She inquires at one, but likes neither price nor the view. She goes to see another, but it is not ready for habitation, as the landlord is renovating. The room is draped in plastic, and all of the walls are being redone.

Asking the rental price for this apparently spacious New York apartment, she finds it surprisingly low. While she is looking, one of the drawbacks appears, the sound of a train passing, which, while not oppressively loud, does indeed drown out normal levels of sound. Perhaps this could mask other sounds at some point.

She falls for the landlord, a handsome chap, in a big way. This seems to be a reaction to a rebound from a relationship gone sour just prior to the beginning of the story. However, as this budding relationship evolves into passion, kaufen lasix something does not seem quite right.

I found this to be a quite entertaining story, with very subtle details, and told in a different manner. It will not be the greatest movie you have ever seen, but is certainly entertaining, and moves along briskly.

Pay attention to details, the answers are there.

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  1. bhwp says:

    This film experienced some good drama scenes. The characters could are already far better but I think you’ll be pleased with this film. I for 1 discovered it entertaining and that’s genuinely what makes a film good or not. Even if it falls short on occasion as extended as you do not really feel like you wasted two hours of your life it was great adequate.

  2. bhwp says:

    I have spent a whole lot of time lately watching movies and We have to express that this is a single of the far better ones that I have observed lately. Certain you will discover some problems with it but I still liked myself and that’s what eventually matters essentially the most.

  3. bhwp says:

    The Resident was a wonderful flick. I wouldnt pass up this one you will like it. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. You can instantly tell when a movie is really good that no matter what you do you can\t stop re-living parts of the movie, this definitely happened to be one of those films. I know I loved it.

  4. bhwp says:

    I really don’t typically agree with the critics when it comes to films. I find that I almost never appreciate the flicks that get the highest praise from the professional critics, but unquestionably love the stuff that these people detest. The Resident is 1 of the exceptions to that rule. I heard great things about The Resident, and it had been just as very good as they said it would be. Oh no – does this mean I’m acquiring good taste?

  5. bhwp says:

    What I loved the most concerning The Resident is that it really makes you perform to obtain essentially the most out of it. It does not hold your hand with special effects and gore and hope the audience will go away pleased.

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