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2,000 colleges. 8 million roommates. Which one will you get.

Movie: The Roommate

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Genre: Drama, Thriller
Length: 91


College student Sara finds that her new roommate Rebecca has an obsession with her, which quickly turns violent.

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I consider myself someone who judges films rather harshly. I feel like most of the people who are bashing this film are people who went into the theater close minded and not even willing to give this film a chance. Im not a fan of Single White Female, as I found every single one of the characters to get on my last nerve. Im not saying theyre acting was bad, Im saying that I didnt think the characters were likable.

The Roommate is a fresh take on Single White Female. I liked the college setting better than the apartment setting because it gave Sara and the viewer a more confined feeling. In an apartment there are doors you can lock and places to hide, whereas in a dorm room theres you and theres the psycho.

Leighton Meesters performance of Rebecca was very good. She did a really good job of portraying the psycho. And a lot of people are bashing Minka Kelly for her portrayal of Sara and to be honest Leighton did outshine her, only because the character of Rebecca is much more complex and interesting. Sara isnt supposed to be an interesting character. Shes a typical college girl who doesnt have much of a back story because she doesnt really need a backstory. Were introduced to Sara as a college freshman who drinks, cusses, and has sex just like the next college freshman on film, but somehow Rebecca sees something in her she wants and will do anything to get.

I appreciated that they didnt just make Rebecca a psycho and left it at that, then I would have been angry, but I think they spent a perfect amount of time explaining Rebecca and her past. We dont know the specifics on Maria because we dont need to, she has two minutes of screen time and in that two minutes of screen time we see that whatever happened between her and Rebecca it definitely left her scarred.

I liked that other than Rebecca and Sara we didnt have a lot of interaction between other characters and thats the way it shouldve been, as that was Rebeccas goal. She wanted to isolate Sara and by doing that, isolating the viewers.

Its not a horror film. Not at all. Not at all. Not at all. It does have its scares and jump scenes and is filled to the brim with chilling moments though. And a part of me even agrees with those are saying it should have been a TV movie. I think it would have been judged a bit more fairly. But I have to say believe it or not, unlike most Screen Gems it does have depth.

Watch it once. And then watch it again. And THEN make your final judgement because in my opinion most of the people that are insulting the writers, actors, director are just stubborn SWF fans.

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